October 4, 2016


show how to link to a pre filtered mind body timetable

Users will click on marketing links in your emails, or from any part of your site and arrive at the timetable with all of the options already pre-filtered in the mindbody timetable shown in your website.

For your clients who are using¬†the client.mindbodyonline site, the experience is slow, and you have to select the location, level, instructor or trainer, time, day, week, what colour of t-shirt to wear, is it going to rain… ok well maybe not the t-shirt and the rain but you get the idea.

So by building beautiful timetables, with the information you want, in the style you want AND pre-filtering of mind body timetables for your users, you will save them time, increases conversion of class bookings and increase attendance rates.

We are the only agency to offer this capability as standard, where you can pre filter by day, week, month, and by class type, instructor and location.

Mindbody Timetable : Prefiltering Options

The data you can show in the timetables is taken direct from Mindbody and with our filtering options and technology handling the data we can show the following :

  • Location or Studio
  • Instructor, trainer or therapist
  • Date or date range of the classes, between dates, or 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month in advance
  • Time or time range, between hours, morning, afternoon, evening
  • Class Status, show classes with spaces etc
  • Class Levels
  • Service types Massage, Personal Training, Ropes etc

Using prefiltered mind body timetables :

  • Link me to only weekend classes
  • Link me to a class type and a date range e.g pregnancy pilates for next 7 months
  • Link from instructor page to all the classes for him/her in next month
  • Find a class type on a wednesday, for the remainder of the year..

In summary the class data that we get from mindbody timetables is flexible enough to build the best user experience to suit your studio, gym, centre or diary.

So, how you are marketing your services should suit your business and not the booking platform that you are using.

We’d love to hear from you and show you how you can present your classes or timetable in the most beautiful way on your website.

Get in touch with us here : contact class-apps to connect to Mindbody