October 2, 2016


Mindbody registration from my website

By using class-apps services, the register process is completed all on your site, with the information being sent to Mindbody  while the user stays within the comfort of your freshly updated website. We can customise the welcome messages on screen or notifications that the user will see, and naturally the customer sign up process for new users into Mindbody includes the email welcome with the password.

Using mind body from your website often means the user leaving your site, and logging in or performing actions in the mind body backend, and then returning to your site to complete the process.

User registration for mind body and custom questionnaire form

Questionnaires and Waiver Forms

Questionnaires that also, are often completed by a third party can also be customised and completed within the site pages that we create for you.

The information is never stored with us, or on your site actually. Register information and the confidential surveys are always stored on the customer profile, within Mindbody service.

Following registration you can either have the user go the login page, or automatically log them in depending on the user journey that you want.

Existing Mindbody customer user experience

We are often asked about existing customers and rest assured, where existing customers are moving to use a new site, their current Mindbody Logins will continue to work. If their questionnaires are due to be completed again, then it’s an ideal chance for them to update their address and communication preferences too.

The registration process can be started at any part of your booking process, depending on your wellness company business rules, often health & fitness, pilates, yoga or training companies prefer to gather the minimum required information to bring the customer on board quickly, and then at specific times like when they book the first session you can ask for the information to be updated further.

The registration and waivers will site on a brand new page on your site, or integrate into existing pages, but the process can be started at any time, and information can always be updated from your site back into Mindbody.