September 30, 2016

login to mindbody

Mindbody login direct from your site

The most natural thing for any service, should be the login process, simple and uncluttered. Where services in MINDBODY, have to be behind a login for security and privacy we accept that. Our login approach using the Mindbody API is customisable, both in style, layout and of course customer journey.

The message when to login, and the placement of the windows are flexible as shown here in this mobile site using our login :

mindbody login from website

The best mindbody user experience :

A poor user journey, with extra clicks and waits will lose you revenue, every time. It might look like everyone is okay logging into mindbody to book the class, and regular pilates customers are always coming to the studio after booking, but how many start and don’t complete the journey? You don’t know as there are no analytics to tell you this part of the mindbody transaction.

We believe the best mindbody user experience comes with using the API to shorten the user journey, reduce the clicks, keep the user focussed on the booking, the buying, organising their diary so they make the yoga class, so that they cancel the Friday slot and change to pilates on a Saturday.

Using the site, takes users and traffic away from your site every time. This traffic counts towards your SEO stats, and the time on site also. Time on site that is much better for you to delight your yoga, pilates, gym customers, gather some data, sell the Malaga retreat for the colder weather or focus on what you do best, helping them choose the right class to help them to improve.

So start with first things first, the login to mindbody stays on your site. login process :

Our first recommendation is to move away from the old process and implement the new login to mind body direct from  the menu structure of your site.


Mindbody login from your top menu

You decide where the user will login from, it’s your site why pay all that money to be constrained by a framework?

drop down menu for login to mind body

Whether you have top bar menu with standard straight drop down, mid screen pop up, slide out widget or the UX that takes you places login has never gone before, it’s possible, doable and if it makes login to mind body easier, we’ll do it. If it doesn’t..well..

If the user has to register for your site first, lets talk about that here in our register to mindbody page