mindbody mobile timetable layout review

Mindbody mobile timetable

Poor user experience in your mobile site is costing you bookings, revenue, reputation and customers if the mindbody mobile timetable can’t be read properly

We solve that for you.

The mindbody mobile timetable presentation is not allowing customers to get in the habit of booking from their smartphone, unless they download the app.

Charles duhigg wrote a lot on habits and loyalty here. http://charlesduhigg.com/how-habits-work/

We build websites that form good, repeatable habits where users find what they need, arrange what they need and repeat simply ( we don’t sell books but credit where credit is due btw )

Your website is a huge investment of your time and effort and marketing budget, and a big distraction from running your studio and it should form repeatable excellent fitness habits.

Mindbody online system is powering your business and unfortunately not delivering the great mobile experience that you should provide, it’s not building the habits of just logging in and clicking and going to class.

three views of mobile device with mindbody timetable

The effect of poor mobile experience

Most of the time users will get to where they need to in your mindbody experience but what about the exceptions :

  • users don’t want to download the mindbody app – I stick to using the site ( habit )
  • I want to go quickly to the site and book the class as I have time… but I can’t
  • I want to check my balance = do I have some classes left in my bundle?  = I can’t you missed me.

Several points in the customer user journey point to delay, or disappointment when using mindbody mobile services and we want to help you fix that.

Connecting your site to the mindbody API keeps users on your site, gives them the experience that you plan for and makes sure that you keep the good habits forming with your users = I want to book, I can any time, I lost no time doing that and I feel good,

Or you can present them with a timetable that they cannot read.   Get in touch or read more about mobile friendly timetables connected to mindbody

Get in touch with us here : contact class-apps to connect to Mindbody

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