Advanced search from mindbody-timetable in my website

So you think you can’t change the search functionality of the class timetables you have in Mindbody Online system, using the mindbody-timetable, well designed, through the mindbody API can stop you losing customers, losing bookings and revenue

Rather than solving a problem with a quick fix, lets look at the real problem you can experience without the mindbody-timetable built in directly to your site.

Class and appointments, key focus areas for your website

As a mindbody user on your website I want to do the following very quickly, otherwise I get distracted, irritated, demotivated… there’s a lot of negativity coming from poor booking experience so lets look at key use cases :

  • I want to search for classes or appointments on a given day in 5 months time (sounds easy)
  • I want to find appointments with a particular therapist (I am a creature of massage habit)
  • Get me a class on a saturday in the next 6 months, for pregnancy before 6pm ( yes I have demands)
  • Find me a class that I have attended more than 5 times (I can never remember the name)
  • Show me classes that are around usually 50% full (I like the quiet)
  • I want to find the yoga retreat in spain after August ( Sí, por supuesto señor )

All of this and more from the mindbody API depends on the following :

  • Have you structured your classes and events clearly in the mindbody system?
  • Did you build your website and internal applications to read directly to MBO or store some information locally?
  • Are you using the login functionality properly?
  • Do you have a clear user experience plan for your users and customers?

Having a clear idea of the final experience you wish for your site to be searching and booking from mindbody directly really influences the simple choices that you make in the design, build and management of a beautiful site, connected directly to mindbody online API.

Get in touch here and ask us to tell you more about connecting websites to mindbody API.

By having poor user experience and lack of information on your site, you risk losing users at the moment of booking. Paying better attention to how the mindbody-timetable is displayed on your site pays off in user conversions, class fill percentages, revenue per customer and repeat visits.

If you cannot find it, you cant book it!





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