Wordpress to mindbody for classes and APPOINTMENTS


Wordpress to Mindbody, rich features and usability

Mobile Friendly Timetables

Timetables working fullly through tablet to smaller smartphones, you can decide how many classes to show and the confirmation message to suit your kind of class.

Register and Login

Register from your site straight to Mindbodyonline, manage your profile and updates to your mind body profile direct from your website

Pre filtered class and appointment tables

Click straight through from your class or instructor pages to the right class, person or location. Filter timetable by person | date | location | class type | appointment…if mind body could cover it we could pre filter the weather too.

Custom checkout and booking conversation

Say what you want to say when someone books a class, welcome them back, remind them to bring a towel, promote the seasonal offer, remind them to cancel more than 24hr in advance. The customer is yours so the message should be too.

Wordpress to Mindbody, we make complex things simple

The feature set continues to develop for Yoga, Pilates, Gym, CrossFit, Physio, Massage and many more.

Our connections process hundreds of thousands of API calls in booking, buying, scheduling and managing customer profile information.

We develop the solutions, we can integrate them to your website, or build from scratch and our trained team will be pleased to manage the start up of your mindbody account if you are completely new to it.


Mindbody to Wordpress and other sites made easy
The European Developer for Mindbody Integrations

Class Apps is owned by Catch33 and following some successful work with some of Mindbody Online's largest clients, we agreed to develop a line of products for other customers large and small who use Mindbody Online. Our products are best known for integration to WordPress, but can easily connect to any modern web page.


    Serious WP skills in the team

  • Bootstrap, drupal, joomla..et al

    PHP HTML CSS engineers cover all the main type of sites we will integrate to.


    We make it work like it should, so that you would never even notice


Connect my site to Mindbody Online

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